Jenni K Nutrition, LLC, is located on occupied Tiwa Territory, currently known as Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the United States (Turtle Island). It is the home of Jennifer “Jenn” Jackson, MPH, RDN, LD’s consulting, intuitive eating counseling, and nutrition therapy services. Jenn pays rent monthly while on this land, here: 


Jenn’s primary work is with disordered eating and eating disorders for those clients most marginalized by the fat, medical, and wellness industrial complexes, the moral and medical models of disability, traditional eating disorder treatment model, and within the larger kyriarchy (oppressive and dominating) societal structure. Centering the most marginalized comes first in this practice.


All services at Jenni K Nutrition, LLC, are anti-oppressive, disability-affirming, fat-positive, HAES®-aligned, queer- and trans-affirming, actively non-diet, kink- and sex-positive, trauma-sensitive and -responsive, from a neurodiversity-affirming approach, and are both justice- and liberation-driven.