This practice is currently full.

To be put on the waiting list for when discovery calls and scheduling reopens (likely in fall 2023), or for referrals for other New Mexico dietitians, contact me here.

Note about email response times: My email/working time and day may not be your email/working time and day. I respect your boundaries around personal time, time away from devices entirely, well-being, care taking, and restoration. If you receive correspondence from me outside your email/working hours, please do not feel obliged to reply until you are back at work, ready to read emails, and/or have the capacity to respond. (inspired by Valerie A. Fitzhugh, MD)

I am a multiply neurodivergent and chronically ill human, and I may need more time than expected (in a neurotypical and able-bodied framework) to get back to some emails in order to reflect and respond with intention and clarity. The larger kyriarchy (oppressive and dominating) societal structure says that we should all be consistent (as in identical), timely (as in overworked without breaks), obligated to respond in a certain way (as in without autonomous choice), and professional (as in inhuman and without agency). The cultural norm of urgency in our capitalist-dominated society disconnects us from our human need for slowness, which helps us better understand our needs, emotions, and reactions. Thank you for practicing this intentional patience and shift with me. (inspired by N. Oumou Sylla, LMFT)




Jenni K Nutrition, LLC, services include:

* Food, Body, and Embodiment Coaching *

* Intuitive Eating Counseling *

* Medical Nutrition Therapy *

* Nutrition Consulting *


Body- and food-related reasons clients come to see us:


* affirming and validating stims/fidgets for regulation, including eating *

* avoidant and/or restrictive food intake support *

* binge eating normalizing, healing, and support *

* body image and relationship support *

* care beyond the binaries of the medical and wellness industrial complexes *

* client-centered and -directed sessions where the power dynamic stays on the client’s side *

* diabetes education, management, and non-stigmatizing support *

* disconnected eating support *

* disordered eating healing and support *

* eating disorder coping, recovery, and support outside the traditional treatment model *

* exploration of environmental- and stress-related eating issues (including mast cell activation syndrome, or MCAS) *

* fat and body justice and liberation *

* fat-positive relatedness and holding a generative space in healing from the fat industrial complex *

* first and foremost, fed is best *

* food anxiety and food avoidance support *

* HAES®-aligned care, healing, and support *

* healing from substance abuse for weight manipulation *

* healing from weight cycling/yo-yo dieting *

* identity-affirming care *

* intuitive eating reclaiming and reimagining *

* momentum (rhythms and flow states) centered above obligations and routines *

* neurodiversity-affirming approaches to food and body *

* non-stigmatizing healing and support *

* non-stigmatizing support of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) *

* normalizing emotional eating *

* relational healing (healing through relationship) *

* religious trauma and healing from perfectionism and purity ideals *

* support and healing with food hoarding/pandemic-based food insecurity *

* support and healing with obsessive and compulsive eating *

* trauma-responsive and trauma-sensitive support *

This practice’s primary work is with disordered eating and eating disorders for those clients most marginalized by the medical and wellness industrial complexes, traditional eating disorder treatment model, and within the larger kyriarchy (oppressive and dominating) societal structure. Centering the most marginalized comes first in this practice.


All services at Jenni K Nutrition, LLC, are disability-affirming, fat-positive, HAES®-aligned, queer- and trans-affirming, actively non-diet, kink- and sex-positive, trauma-sensitive and -responsive, from a neurodiversity-affirming approach, and are both justice- and liberation-driven.

All Medical Nutrition Therapy services are 100% virtual and private pay at this time, and include the following states in the United States: AZ, CA, CO, NM, NY.


All Coaching, Consulting, and Counseling services can be done from and to any location worldwide.


This practice accepts major credit and debit cards for private pay fee-for-service worldwide, accepts both HSA/FSA cards, and provides Superbills for out-of-network reimbursement within the United States. Reduced rates, including sliding scale and student rates, are available for private pay clients. Insurance credentialing/paneling in the US is pending for early fall 2023 (we are currently in our 60-100 day waiting period/appeal processes for multiple insurances – yay!).